Seasons Greetings from Saracen Park

I really enjoyed my Christmas but with visitors pushing the population of my home from the usual one to five human beings and a puppy it wasn’t the most relaxing. Add to that the hosting of eight people for Xmas lunch then the same again for Boxing Day dinner and you can understand that perhaps […]

Traipsing up to Tannadice

“Awaken its powers, and it will respect itself” Two years ago I visited Dens Park and argued that across their whole history Dundee might possibly be able to claim the status of ‘Top Dogs on Tayside’. When I was laddie however, today’s hosts Dundee United weren’t just the dominant side in the City of Discovery […]

Cavorting around Cappielow

“This club be called Morton Football Club” The above words were the first recorded at the club’s inaugural meeting in 1874 when the side now known a Greenock Morton were formed. They were just called plain old ‘Morton’ for their first eighty years however, resulting in my childhood belief in the existence of a large west coast town by […]

Rampaging through Rutherglen

“Fame from Smoke” During my travels I have yet to discover a Junior side who’ve had no success at all in the 133 year history of the grade. I’ve visited clubs like Shettleston and Dundee North End, where neither have ever won the Scottish Cup but both have trophy or league victories peppered throughout the […]

Attending the Academy Stadium

“The thing about Manchester is it all comes from here…” In Scotland I’ve seen they very best the Scottish Women’s Premier League has to offer in the form of Glasgow City and knowing I was going to be at a loose end in Manchester this particular Saturday afternoon I decided to seek out another City, […]

Mission to Maryhill

Football can be a cruel mistress sometimes, a club can play a major role in our game for decades, even over a century and then all of a sudden be liquidated out of existence in a heartbeat. In the senior grade Third Lanark were a prime example; not only were they one time Scottish Football […]

Perambulated to Peebles

The most common question I am asked, one I hear almost every time my travels are discussed, is “How do you pick your games?” The answer I’m afraid isn’t really a simple one. Firstly I like to mix things up; an EoSFL match in Fife one week usually means an SPFL game around Glasgow the […]

Night Spend Near Netherdale

A few short years ago I stood in the Edinburgh Ukrainian Club on the city’s swanky Royal Terrace holding my godson who had just been baptised at the nearby Church of Our Lady of Pochayev & Saint Andrew. As I cradled the child his father, my friend came to me and said solemnly “This makes […]

Pilgrimage to Paradise

“These Celtic fans are bloody marvellous people” When writing about my first ever ground hopping adventure to the blue side of Glasgow I opened by stating that ‘I always hated’ that particular half of the Old Firm. Today I made a long awaited trip to the green & white side of town to see a […]

Locating Inverurie Locos

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but ever since I was a kid I’ve watched the scores come in for the early rounds of the Scottish Cup just to hear some of the more fanciful and romantic names from Scotland’s pantheon of football clubs. I love listening to the Englishman who reads the classified results […]