Crossing Over to Carlisle

I’m not the first Scotsman to cross the border headed for Carlisle and prior to me two others arrived at the Cumbrian cathedral city with the intent to conquer. The first was William Wallace, who arrived with an army in the winter of 1297, determined to take hold of the North of England, buoyed by […]

Closing in on Clydebank

Davie Cooper. Those are the two words that come to mind when someone mentions Clydebank to me, along with the smiling image of him being unveiled at Kilbowie in 1993 wearing that famous Wet Wet Wet sponsored Matchwinner shirt. Regarded as one of the best ever, by opponents such as Ruud Gullit or team mates […]

Reaching Rugby Park

When telling friends I was off to Ayrshire again for another matchday their eyes lit up. Having already enjoyed reading about my previous adventures in that neck of the woods they began to guess which of the big SJFA sides I was heading for this afternoon. One confidently stated “It has to be Auchinleck Talbot […]

New Decade at Newtown Park

The first game of a new decade is often a memorable one for a club and its supporters particularly if the gods provide a local derby to bring in the New Year with. Outside of the SPFL a few fixtures might lay claim to being Scotland’s biggest derby, with contenders spread right across the country. […]

Seasons Greetings from Saracen Park

I really enjoyed my Christmas but with visitors pushing the population of my home from the usual one to five human beings and a puppy it wasn’t the most relaxing. Add to that the hosting of eight people for Xmas lunch then the same again for Boxing Day dinner and you can understand that perhaps […]

Traipsing up to Tannadice

“Awaken its powers, and it will respect itself” Two years ago I visited Dens Park and argued that across their whole history Dundee might possibly be able to claim the status of ‘Top Dogs on Tayside’. When I was laddie however, today’s hosts Dundee United weren’t just the dominant side in the City of Discovery […]

Cavorting around Cappielow

“This club be called Morton Football Club” The above words were the first recorded at the club’s inaugural meeting in 1874 when the side now known a Greenock Morton were formed. They were just called plain old ‘Morton’ for their first eighty years however, resulting in my childhood belief in the existence of a large west coast town by […]

Rampaging through Rutherglen

“Fame from Smoke” During my travels I have yet to discover a Junior side who’ve had no success at all in the 133 year history of the grade. I’ve visited clubs like Shettleston and Dundee North End, where neither have ever won the Scottish Cup but both have trophy or league victories peppered throughout the […]

Attending the Academy Stadium

“The thing about Manchester is it all comes from here…” In Scotland I’ve seen they very best the Scottish Women’s Premier League has to offer in the form of Glasgow City and knowing I was going to be at a loose end in Manchester this particular Saturday afternoon I decided to seek out another City, […]

Mission to Maryhill

Football can be a cruel mistress sometimes, a club can play a major role in our game for decades, even over a century and then all of a sudden be liquidated out of existence in a heartbeat. In the senior grade Third Lanark were a prime example; not only were they one time Scottish Football […]