Scotland and Me: The CIS at Euro ’92

The lost to Costa Rica at Italia ’90 was a blow even bigger than the discovery six months later that it had been my Uncle Tommy in the Santa costume all along. What a double dunt; Scotland’s soul crushing loss to the Central Americans and the confirmation of my ever growing fear that Mr Claus […]

Scotland and Me: Costa Rica at Italia ’90

At the time of writing I have just over fifteen years of secondary school teaching under my belt, mostly as an RME/RMPS specialist. As a consequence I’ve spent a lot of time retelling the dramatic tale of The Buddha’s life, have endlessly debated the morality of topics like capital punishment and delivered assemblies about a […]

Mixing it up with Maritimo

“Das Ilhas as Mais Belas e Livres” I can really consider myself lucky during the current coronavirus pandemic. So far, touch wood, neither myself or any of my family have fallen foul of the illness and due to being a teacher I’ve been working throughout, after a fashion, therefore my bank balance hasn’t suffered due […]

Aberdeen vs Bayern: My Greatest Game

I am often asked “What’s the greatest game you’ve ever been to?” and when considering the answer I think beyond my travels as The Fitba Nomad and consider every game ever attended over a lifetime as a football fan. So far that footballing lifetime covers a thirty year period and it would actually be rather […]

The Fitba Nomad End of Season Awards 2020

Coronavirus has seriously screwed up the end of the footballing season but for me I was almost done anyway, my third campaign cut short with only three games left. All Scottish football was closed down on Friday 13th of March, twenty four hours before I was due to travel to Beith Juniors for their SJFA West […]

New Dawn at New Dundas

“The name’s Rose, Bonnyrigg Rose” The week before I pay any club a visit I engage in a period of historical research and one area always delved into is a side’s famous ex-players. This afternoon I travelled to Midlothian where Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic might very well just lay claim to the most iconic name ever to […]

Crossing Over to Carlisle

I’m not the first Scotsman to cross the border headed for Carlisle and prior to me two others arrived at the Cumbrian cathedral city with the intent to conquer. The first was William Wallace, who arrived with an army in the winter of 1297, determined to take hold of the North of England, buoyed by […]

Closing in on Clydebank

Davie Cooper. Those are the two words that come to mind when someone mentions Clydebank to me, along with the smiling image of him being unveiled at Kilbowie in 1993 wearing that famous Wet Wet Wet sponsored Matchwinner shirt. Regarded as one of the best ever, by opponents such as Ruud Gullit or team mates […]