Taking it Easy wi’ the Peasy

A massive crowd of seventy seven thousand six hundred and fifty, just imagine that for a moment while I compare it to other historically significant audiences. First of all it’s about 2,000 folk larger than the exuberant horde that witnessed Daniel Bryan pulling off ‘The Miracle on Bourbon Street’ at Wrestlemania XXX and a whole […]


Bursting into Open Goal Broomhill

“Podcast: an audio or video file, similar to a radio broadcast, which can be downloaded or streamed and listened to on a computer, mobile phone, etc…” Long time readers may recall me asking back in August of 2018 if they had heard the one about a multi-sport youth organisation, set up by parents in the West End of Glasgow, who had a senior fitba team […]

Feart & Loaded in Larkhall

“She had a ghostly pallor and a dreadful expression, she wore clothes that were out of keeping with the styles of the present-day… Something emanating from her still, silent presence had communicated itself to me so strongly that I had felt indescribable repulsion and fear.” On the train to Larkhall I found myself reading about […]

Hovering About Hamilton

“Sola Nobilitat Virtus“ As a teacher myself it is quite incredible that it has taken me over five years and almost ninety adventures to visit the only remaining club in UK football to have started out as a secondary school side. More so when we consider how great a time was had in Hamilton back […]

Frolicking with the Farmer Boys

“When you get right down tae it, there’s only birth, copulation and death. Everything else is pure bloody guesswork!” The great Rab C. Nesbitt actor Gregor Fisher was born in a now long demolished house just a couple of hundred yards from where I was raised in the village of Menstrie. By the time he […]

Enjoying a Day at East Stirlingshire

In my younger days as a fitba fan today’s hosts East Stirlingshire were somewhat infamous for being pretty bloody awful. Regular Scottish Football League basement boys during my teenage years following Alloa Athletic I can still recall thinking, as I stood behind either Recreation Park goal during tough times for The Wasps, at least we […]

Jetting off to Jeanfield

Wha wudna bide in yon toun, ablow the craigie knowes?Wha wudna bide in yon toun, whaur the clear water rows? Less than two months after my first ever visit to a club in Perth & Kinross at Blairgowrie, I found myself travelling to ‘yon toun’ of Perth itself to see a side that over the […]

Dining with Davey at Downfield

Since my previous adventure our country has been fundamentally altered by the passing of the only Monarch I, or anyone else in my entire family, had ever known. Travelling to Downfield Juniors I felt it may appear disrespectful to be heading out for a day of food, drink, fitba and frivolity during an official period […]

Venturing to Vale of Clyde

Back in April before heading to Dundee’s East Craigie I investigated the side’s assertion that they were “Scotland’s Oldest Junior Football Club”, only to be told by a Shipbuilders committee man that they knew it probably wasn’t true and really only said it to attract punters like me. However my research was not completely in […]

Blowin’ Through Blairgowrie

“Quo life, the warld is mine.The floo’ers and trees, they’re a’ my ain.I am the day, and the sunshineQuo life, the warld is mine.” Since starting out as The Fitba Nomad just under five years ago I’ve had eighty three unique adventures, having gone as far north as Inverness to well beyond the wall down […]